Key Awards

     . Bridgman Communications was the 1999 Technology Business of the Year           Award, presented by the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce

     . Georgia Graves was the 2001 Recipient of the Hal Launders Award, Highest          Honor given to a member of t he Committee for Dulles
     . Georgia Graves was the 2002-2003 Pinnacle Award recipient, Highest Honor         given by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

     . Georgia Graves was the Rotary of the Year both in 2003 and again in 2005            for the Washington Dulles International Airport Rotary

     . Georgia Graves and Bridgman Communications were selected by the Board           of Supervisors of Loudoun County represent Loudoun County as the                      Business Ambassador for Loudoun County to Germany in October 2006 and           again in April of 2008

     . Georgia Graves was the recipient of the Best of Reston for Community                  Service and Leadership April 2007

     . Bridgman Communications and Georgia Graves were selected by Peking               University to deliver a keynote address at the 10 Annual High Technology              Conference in Beijing, China on the subject of Outsourcing May 2007

     . Georgia Graves was selected as the Chairperson of the Year 2007-08, Dulles         Regional Chamber of Commerce for Key Leadership Role for the Total                  Resource Campaign Efforts and the Annual Gala Program Effort.

     . Bridgman Communications was recognized a Key Contributor and Top                  Corporate Performer in the 2007-08 Total Resource Campaign

     . Georgia Graves received a Citation of Appreciation from the Loudoun County         Board of Supervisors and the Economic Development Commission for                   chairing the most successful County's Premier VIP Reception for 2008.
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